Arriving in the Future

Arriving in the Future

Arriving in the future, Stories of Home and Exile is an interdisciplinary approach at positioning. As as a series of performances, and poetry, short stories, and academic essays on identity, by Black Writers who regard Germany as their home, and those who regard it as permanent or temporary exile, it will attempt to add a new layer to the debate and construction of Black Identity within the German context.

It started as a collection of poems, short stories, academic essays, and simple narratives of Black experiences in Germany to help continue the process that began with the publication of Showing Our Color. It is most certainly not the first such publication since the birth of the Black German movement and it will not be the last. Its primary goal is empowerment. Empowerment of Black voices, Black experiences, and Black identities within Germany. The Empowerment of Black musicians, Black artists, Black writers and academics and simply Black individuals within Germany, whether they were born here, whether they migrated here, or whether they came as refugees and asylum seekers, it does not matter. Arriving in the Future is about empowerment. It is about us, all of us here arriving within the future we always speak of, a future where racism, and discrimination are a thing of the past, where equality and inclusion are taken for granted. Where black voices within Germany no longer have to explain or qualify themselves. Each day, each performance, each article, each class, each poem, each book, each song, each act of resistance, and raising of our voices brings us closer to this future.

We are all of us arriving, arriving in the future.


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Stories of Home and Exile

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