Jamika Ajalon

artist musician poet visualart writer performance activism Interdisciplinary Disciple of the Creative.

For more check out Jamika directly at http://jamikaajalon.tumblr.com/


work in progress- experimental documentation of public intervention on street signs in berlin – the names of celebrated colononisers were replaced with names of afro-german artists/activist who lived between the 1930-70s. I edited this video 2 hours before the presentation- my intentions where to somehow raise the ‘ghosts’ of afro-german heroswho remain hidden under the layers of berlins urban skin (find out more about these heros http://decolonizeberlin.blogspot.de/p…).

voices: philipp khabo koepsell & jamika ajalon

N. poem was originally a slam piece that i did at the end of my experimental documentary “Intro to Cultural- Skitzofrenia”. It spoke about POC (people of colour), who were ill at ease in both “black” and “white” communities … for me it was an interrogation on “codes of blackness”, and/or essentialists ideas around what it meant to be black. I explored these issues which were intertwined with , sexism, homophobia, and “miscegenation”. Not long after that Marlon Riggs did Tongues Untied, which echoed many of the issues I brought up in this documentary (I would say we were on the same wave-length:). ‘Intro to Cultural Skit-zo-frenia’ included testimonies from creatives like Rose Troche, and Nicole Mitchell . This experimental docu went on to win awards, and continues to run the independent film circuit. (distributors Third World Newsreel, New York NY).

Vocals+fx jamika ajalon drums+percu nico gallard jamikaajalon.tumblr.com/


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