Foreign correspondent and philospher from across the ocean breaking ground in that far distant country called Martha’s Vineyard.



Just challenging our standard conception of beauty. From a design perspective, beauty is a perfect adaptation to needs. Like this beauty here. One of those matchstick models in Manolo heels would look pretty pathetic in buddy’s habitat.

Plus, I’ve seen some pretty gruesome looking pets in my time. Including ancient, blind cats leaking all over the rug. Or how about Bulldogs? But their owners love them regardless. As my friend Jenka says, “If you don’t see God in all, you don’t see God at all.”

Did I tell you about the time the customs people at JFK tried to impound my goodbye present from the family in Lagos? I told them, hold on a minute. Then I went and sat on a bench, opened the tin, and ate them all. It was too painful to contemplate the tragic waste. I think the customs guys thought I was deranged. Maybe I was. Soooooo delicious!


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